12th Police District Zoom Meeting

A typical Zoom meeting screen. Participants can see and hear the other Zoom partners. Hosts can formalize the meeting to focus on presenters and introduce graphics.
A typical Zoom meeting screen. Participants can see and hear the other Zoom partners. Hosts can formalize the meeting to focus on presenters and introduce graphics.

Information on voting by mail and emergency contacts 

A hidden blessing – voting by mail! This option is one of the few positive aspects of our new Covid-10 lifestyle. The State has geared up for the June 2 Primary Election and vote by mail can now be done easily and simply using a mail-in ballot. 

This fact was highlighted by City Commissioner Omar Sabir during the up-beat and informative community meeting on Zoom on Thursday afternoon.  

Moderated by Community Affairs Officer Arnold Mitchell, the virtual gathering was also attended by State Representative Joanna McClinton, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, 12th District Captain Scott Drissel, Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS) representative Ronald Ryan and a spokesperson for the City Department of Behavioral and Intellectual disAbilities Services (DBHIDS).  

Comm. Sabir ably outlined the options now offered for vote-by-mail and patiently answered questions from residents. “Registered voters who have internet connections and printers can download the application forms and send them in by email,” he advised. “Voter registration can also be done online or by mail, in person at the county voter registration office or at PennDOT and some other government agencies.”

“If the physical act of mailing presents a problem, the U.S. Post Office will pick up the application or vote-by-mail submission. 

“The deadline for submission of vote-by-mail ballots is June 2, the same date as the Primary Election” Comm. Sabir stressed. “The deadline for requesting vote-by-mail ballots is the Tuesday before Election Day, May 26. He also welcomed inquiries at his email address, omar.sabir@phila.gov or via the City Commissioner website: www.philadelphia votes.com

The City Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbililties provided a number of emergency phone numbers including:

   – Community Behavioral Health (CBH) Mental and Medical Non-Emergencies: 888–545-2600

  – Suicide Prevention: 215-686-4420

  – NAMI Counseling “talk to” Line: 267-682-4381 

  – Drug and Alcohol HotLine: 1-844-2890879 

  –  Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline: 1-800-722-7112.

  – Philadelphia Corp. for Aging Groceries Helpline: 215-765-9040*

TWIS representative Ryan mentioned the list of quality of life services afforded by his office. He advised that such issues as crime, property violations and other civil or emergency offenses should be handled by calling 9-1-1. “Be vigilant and be in contact with your neighbors and let them know what’s happening,” he added. TWIS can be contacted at Ryan’s office number 215-686-1459.

Another option for exchanging information is to sign on to one of the “Next Door” groups – of which there are several in the Southwest. Currently on the Southwest central list are some 2800 residents and commercial partners. The website for signing on or starting one’s own neighborhood group is www.nextdoor.com

*The Southwest Senior Center distributes frozen meals on weekdays on a “Grab and Go” basis from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Non-members must phone in advance: 215-937-1880

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