Are you READY to SERVE as a volunteer?

Good afternoon #READYPhiladelphia family,

I’m sending this link with the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in the Philadelphia COVID-19 vaccination efforts. You can read through the descriptions of possible roles you might fill and would appreciate you forwarding this opportunity to anyone that may be interested. For those unable to register or sign up online, please call 3-1-1!

If you have a large group interested in serving, please email me back directly and I will work with you to get the information we need all at one time. For more information on volunteer opportunities available with the City right now, please visit this blog posting available here. For those wondering about the potential to be vaccinated if you sign up to volunteer, please note that this is not guaranteed and you must be a Philadelphia resident to receive the vaccine if the opportunity arises.

Thank you so much for your consideration and stay safe!

Olivia N. Gillison

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