4 More Days: Philadelphia School Selection Closes 11/21/2021


In Philadelphia, you can apply to Public, Charter and Private schools.
Public school types include District Catchment (neighborhood) schools, District Citywide schools and District Criteria-based schools.

Learn more about Philadelphia School Types and Enrollment and Admissions here:

Choosing an Elementary/Middle School

Most schools require you to apply nearly a full year before the start of the school year. This is the case for all of the School District of Philadelphia’s citywide- and special-admission middle schools and local charter schools. Some schools also have an extensive admissions process.

Overview of Admissions Timeline (for admission the following school year)
October 2021: School Selection for the District Opens
September 2021: Application for 2021-22 school year opens for most charter schools participating in Apply Philly Charter
November 2021: School Selection for the District Closes
November 2021: Priority deadline for scholarship applications through the Children’s Scholarship Fund.
January 2022: Apply Philly Charter application deadline.
March 2022: Second deadline for the Children’s Scholarship Fund scholarship applications.

It’s never too soon to start looking for the right school. Since most schools require students to apply nearly a full year before the start of the school year, and some schools have an extensive admissions process. Families interested in private school are encouraged to apply early for financial aid. Use the timeline above to start your search for Kindergarten/middle school or to change schools.


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