Black Farmers’ Co-op Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

Black Farmers Co-op

On June 1, The Black Farmers’ Cooperative (BFC) celebrated the second anniversary of their organization at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. For the past two years, BFC has worked to develop a pipeline of fresh food from Black Farmers to inner cities in an effort to eliminate food deserts. 

Last year, BFC launched an initiative to bring educational forums to elementary and high school students in under-resourced communities. The aim of these forums is to equip youth with practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of innovative gardening practices such as hydroponics and composting.

BFC has also embarked on an initiative called ‘Urban Bloom’, which brings community gardens to vacant lots in Southwest Philadelphia as a way to empower local communities through sustainable agriculture.

At last month’s celebration, attendees enjoyed musical performances, tours of the Heinz, arts and crafts, archery, and a ceremony where volunteers received certificates for their work.

For more information on The Black Farmers’ Cooperative, visit their website at

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