Bringing the Healing Power of Nature to Southwest


Nature – including trees and parks – makes us healthier. Better heart health, improved birth outcomes, and reduced stress and anxiety are some of the benefits. Nature also helps us feel more connected to one another. Gun violence goes down. And yet many streets in Kingsessing have few or no trees. Many blocks have vacant lots with trash. We want to change that! 

Deeply Rooted is a new community-academic collaborative that uses the healing power of nature to promote health and wellbeing in Black Philadelphia neighborhoods. Deeply Rooted is led by the Penn Urban Health Lab and we are excited to partner with Southwest CDC and other organizations in our first year. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a strategic greenspace implementation partner.  

Deeply Rooted will:

  • Empower communities to create new greenspace including planting trees, greening vacant lots, building community gardens and mini-parks.
  • Provide grants to community organizations and residents to put on events and run activities in parks and other greenspaces. 
  • Create career development opportunities for youth, returning citizens, and other community members through leadership and nature-based job training. 
  • Advocate for policies and neighborhood investments that promote environmental justice

Community leaders and residents in Kingsessing – we want to partner with you! Partnership could include:

  • Coming to community meetings and sharing your opinion on where and what greenspace is created
  • Helping to spread the word in your neighborhood about Deeply Rooted
  • Organizing your block to get street trees planted

Deeply Rooted refers to the depth, strength, and scope of our work.  Deeply Rooted relationships between all partners. The creation of thriving community greenspaces that are literally Deeply Rooted in the ground. Tackling Deeply Rooted health inequities in Black and neighborhoods due to structural racism. 
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