Build Submarines Program Brief

The U.S. Navy has outlined a once-in-a-generation plan to build one Columbia-Class, and two VirginiaClass submarines each year over the next decade. The Submarine Industrial Base (SIB)—which includes two prime shipbuilders and more than 16,000 suppliers across the country—faces a fivefold increase in workload and numerous headwinds to successfully meet that demand.
Over the next ten years, an estimated 100,000 workforce members across critical manufacturing
trades are needed to successfully build the U.S. Navy’s next-generation submarine fleet. Meeting
this challenge will require a range of efforts and investments, including the rapid scale of advanced
manufacturing technologies and the deployment of a national communications strategy to align people
with the mission.

The Mission
With an estimated 20% of the Columbia-Class supply chain coming from the Delaware Valley and its
surrounding regions, the DVIRC is working to support the urgent demand for increased workforce and
capacity in the region’s SIB. Our goal is to spur broad community engagement to connect more people
to the mission—recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a skilled workforce to support the SIB.
This mission is vital to our national security and will create significant education, training, and career
opportunities for thousands of individuals.

The Plan and The Opportunities
The success of this mission will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and engagement among
institutions, organizations and individuals, and entail a broad communications effort to help build
the talent pool necessary to reach the Navy’s goal. Key elements of this effort include the following

Dream Team Ambassadors – The Build Submarines Dream Team is a manufacturing career
awareness program that recruits young professionals from area companies to serve as
manufacturing “Ambassadors”. These individuals will visit area high schools, share their
experiences, and describe their manufacturing careers to students, teachers, and administrators.
Through this program, we will grow the talent pool of students pursuing manufacturing-related
careers and increase the number of students becoming skilled employees at area manufacturing
enterprises. To learn more, contact Hannah McGarry,

Promotional and Social Media Campaigns – To support these project goals, DVIRC will design and
deploy a wide range of marketing and outreach tactics, including event development, direct marketing,
digital engagement, and media relations. To learn more, contact contact Jim Donahue,

Community-based Awareness and Engagement Events – Throughout 2024, DVIRC and its regional
partners will host a number of events to make individuals and companies aware of the many
engagement opportunities that exist. To stay informed about upcoming community outreach and
engagement events, visit

Supplier Development Engagement – To support the Navy’s need to strengthen and expand the SIB,
DVIRC will work to create opportunities for area manufacturers to learn about what it takes to become
part of the submarine supply chain. To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Jim

About the Submarine Industrial Base
The Submarine Industrial Base is a vital part of the United States’ national security. For decades, this skilled and patriotic group of industry partners has provided critical components, products, and services to ensure the design, construction, maintenance, and modernization of the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. The millions of hands that ultimately build these great vessels hail from every state in the country and a vast network of over 16,000 suppliers that range from small, family-owned businesses to vast shipbuilders. The industrial base’s dedication to the mission and continued innovation have enabled the Navy to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate needs, providing a strategic advantage and a fundamental differentiator in the defense of the nation.

About the DVIRC
DVIRC is a manufacturing consulting firm, advocate, and economic development organization supporting
the profitable growth of small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers. DVIRC supports manufacturers through
consulting services, advanced technology research, training and education, and executive network groups.
Since 1988 we have served more than 2,000 manufacturers regionally and nationally, as well as numerous
federal agencies, generating over $2 Billion in client impact. For more information visit

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