CDC releases updated guidelines for COVID-19

covid guidlines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated and unified their guidelines for respiratory illnesses last month. Most notable among these updates is the removal of the pandemic-era recommendation to stay home for at least five days after testing positive for COVID. The agency is now recommending that normal activities resume after 24 hours with no fever without relying on medication, a recommendation that applies to the flu and RSV as well.

Testing for COVID is now only explicitly recommended when symptoms develop in higher-risk individuals, but others may still test as a proactive measure. Masking and distancing are still recommended for five days after staying home, a reduction from the 10 days of precautions the agency used to recommend.

The unification of COVID guidelines with other respiratory illnesses is intended to make all guidelines simpler and more likely to be followed to protect more people.

To view the updated guidelines in full, visit

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