City and Community Honors Paul “Earthquake” Moore

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Despite the dreary weather, hundreds of people were at 70th Street and Woodland Avenue to celebrate and honor the late Paul “Earthquake” Moore on Saturday, October 23, 2021. 

Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson organized a street dedication in the 7000 block of Woodland Avenue.  This block represents the church where Moore became a Reverend and the community of Paschall, where Moore was raised and lived. Moore lost his life in January, on Martin Luther King, Jr Day, after a four year battle with cancer. 

Johnson also organized a ceremony that included people who knew Moore well.  Speakers included his pastor, Rev Marlon Jones, of New Fellowship Baptist Church and former District Attorney Lynn Abraham, who supported Moore when he was gathering turkeys at Thanksgiving time each year to give to those who could not afford one.   Donna Henry, who worked with Moore for 13 years at Southwest CDC, where he was a board member for 13 years, and Captain Scott Drissel, 12th Police District Commanding Officer, where Moore was on the District Clergy also spoke. 

The messages people talked about in reference to Moore’s legacy was “serving the community”.  Moore was a community activist who did not shy away from calling out gun violence, helped those less fortunate, promoted anti-bullying messages and dressed as Community Claus at Christmas.  

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