Cobbs Creek Cleanup Cancelled for Sat, Dec 19

Cobbs Creek Cleanup Cancelled for Sat, Dec 19
The snow has covered the recreational path, grass, and of course, the litter.
Often, when we cancelled Sat we had a Sun afternoon, 1-3, cleanup.  
Sunday weather: snow showers!
The weather is not giving us a break this weekend.

Let us know if you want off our email list.
Text Andrew Wheeler:  267-257-1910

The next cleanup will be the first Sat, January 2, 10 – Noon
We will be working north from 68th St to 65th St
Look for my email reminder.

Recap:  2020 Cleanups at Cobbs Creek Park

With trail use reaching record highs this year, it is as important as ever for us to be responsible stewards of those trails and of the parks and natural areas that border them.

In 2017 and 2018, Rich and Andrew took it upon themselves to do weekly cleanups on a 1 mile stretch along Cobbs Creek Pkwy (Washington Ave to Spruce St.) 

In 2020 they extended the range from 1 mi to 4 mi (Woodland/Island Ave to Spruce St), but reduced the frequency from weekly to twice a month; tackling different sections of along the parkway.  In the end they recruited about 12 regular volunteers.

Cobbs Creek Park is long and it is difficult to maintain regularly. They identified 9 areas, 3 blocks long, that need focus. Our goal is to recruit Cobbs Creek Ambassadors to adopt these sections and organize their own cleanups on their own schedules. This year, Temwa Wright ( volunteered to be our first Cobbs Creek Ambassador, adopting Catherine to Christian Streets.  Her first day, she worked alone, but as people came up and asked if they could help she was able to recruit 27 volunteers (six are regular). Then, with a few tools from Rich, she instituted the Wednesday “Power Hour Cleanup”, from 8 to 9 a.m.; at the Catherine St tennis courts.  She uses a group text to stay in touch.Temwa’s Team at Catherine St

Inline image

Rich’s Team Aug 1, at Whitby Ave

Inline image

If you are interested in becoming a Cobbs Creek Ambassador and organizing your own clean ups on your own schedule, contact Rich Guffanti at or text Andrew at 267-257-1910. Together we can tackle all of Cobbs Creek, one volunteer at a time.

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