Community Landcare Project

Cleaning and Greening Project – Southwest Philadelphia

The Institute for the Development of African-American Youth, Inc, (IDAAY), under the direction of Greg Thompson, Project Manager, has been contracted to train an estimated 50 returning citizens in landcare design throughout the City.  The project is in collaboration with Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS). Additional support is provided by the “Citizens Concerned for Youth” and S.C.O.P.  The focus of the project is life skills development and mentoring to support the “Roots to Reentry Boot Camp Program”.  The program is designed to strengthen and enhance the skill-set of all enrolled participants. The participants are currently involved in on-the-job training for landscaping with various companies.  The program paid for 7 weeks of Transpasses for the training, which included OSHA, CPR and Operating Commercial Landcare Equipment, as well as for all of their uniform items, including boots, gloves, jackets, goggles, pants and all of their PPE needs. The Community Landcare Project began on Monday, April 13, 2020 and will end on October 30, 2020.

An estimated 50 participants from the Roots to Re-Entry Boot Camp Program will clean, green and maintain over 200 vacant lots. The participants learn how to provide the proper maintenance through a specific design for the care of the land.  The purpose is to remove debris, seed and cut the grass and to bring forth a form of beautification to Southwest Philadelphia neighborhoods.  Out of the 50 participants, 30 of them have already been hired by their Landcare Contractor Partners. 

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