Cornerstone Common Cents Investment Club Looking for New Members

Since 2006, members of the Cornerstone Common Cents Investment Club have gathered on the third Tuesday of most months to talk about stocks.  The members are not investment bankers; they are people who work and/or live in Southwest who invest a minimum of $20 each month.

Their expertise is that they spend money, so they know how long the lines are in some stores or they read an article about a product that everyone is buying. So when it’s time to buy a new stock, they discuss what is popular. At the last meeting they discussed the new trend of “meatless meat”, like the Impossible Burger.

Not all of the stocks they buy do well, but mostly they do so people are making money on their investments. The most profitable stock the Club owns is Apple. It was the very first stock they bought and it was before the iPhone came out. Once the iPhone became popular, the value of the stock went up and up.

The Club is always looking for new members. To join, contact Donna Henry at 215-729-7441 for more information. 

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