COVID-19 Vaccines – Important Update

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Pres. Biden declares a national emergency

Thanks to Dr. Daniel Taylor, the dedicated creator of “Cap4Kids” (, there is available a  comprehensive release by the City of COVID-19 vaccination plans and the continuing need for safety – until most are most people are vaccinated.

The supplies of vaccine are very low right now, although Pres. Biden has declared the epidemic is a national emergency and  set a target of 100 million doses through April 16, 2021 (his first 100 days).  

The four priority levels which determine vaccination priority and their  related job categories can be found on the City’s vaccine website (in 30 different languages):

Mayor Kenney’s team that created the City’s COVID-19 plan has taken into consideration the pre-existing racial and ethnic inequality and injustice of our society’s healthcare system – specifically the  medical needs of minority neighborhoods.  This balancing is reflected in the kinds of jobs and life situations that receive first call for virus protective resources and the vaccine itself.  For details, visit

     Coronavirus Interim Racial Equity Plan.

The kinds of jobs and vulnerable life conditions which are considered “High Risk” include:

Covid Vaccination Priority  “1a:”

  –  Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Workers (in contact with patients)

  –  Workers at COVID testing and vaccination sites

  –  Home Care Specialists

  –  Long term care workers and residents

  –  Emergency Medical Staff

Covid Vaccination Priority “1b:”

  –  First Responders

  –  Transit workers

  –  People who prepare and serve food

  –  Other people working in hospitals and long term care facilities

  –  Childcare workers

  –  High volume retail workers

  –  People over age 65 and others with pre-conditions


With risks of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and mortality INCREASING RAPIDLY everywhere, it is a matter of life or death to get accurate information about the disease and vaccination.  All at-risk residents and workers are strongly urged to consult with health professions who they trust for the truth about protection and vaccines.  

According to Black doctors and nurses with National Medical Association: a. 7,000 (10%) patients in the vaccine testing trials were Black; (b) “94% of all vaccinated patients were protected; (c) results were the same across all races; (d) while persons with a history of reaction to vaccination should not receive COVID vaccine, those tested showed few side effects. 

For full information, visit:

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