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Deeply Rooted is committed to getting as many trees as we can in your neighborhood, and we are working with community partners all over Southwest Philadelphia to achieve this goal. We are offering to plant trees with a year or maintenance included for free! This means that we can cut the concrete in front of your home, plant a tree, water the tree, and prune the tree for the first year of its life to make sure it has the best start possible. Sounds great right! 

Oftentimes, when speaking to residents at community events or even at their front door the same few concerns come up. Deeply Rooted wants to take this time to address all these concerns, as they are valid and based on the experience of some residents and provide clarity on why they may not be a concern going forward.

  1. The tree is going to get into my water pipes.

Nearly all tree roots are in the top 18 inches of soil, while sewer lines in Philadelphia are typically buried 6 feet down. Tree roots are unable to get into intact plumbing lines – however if there is existing damage and water leakage roots can seek out that water. That is why maintaining and watering the tree is so important, especially in the first year where the newly planted tree is getting used to its new environment.

  1. The tree is going to tear up my sidewalk.

You’ve likely seen this elsewhere in your neighborhood, or even experienced it yourself. In previous years, large trees were often planted in spaces that were inappropriate, or tree pits were undersized, which led to sidewalk damage. We are taking our time to choose the right tree for the right place. This means considering the size of the full-grown tree and ensuring that available pit size is appropriate. Choosing the right tree is done by the city arborist, a professional who has dedicated their career to the health and wellbeing of trees, just like Deeply Rooted is committed to the health and wellbeing of our community.

  1. How will a street tree benefit me?

Trees have a massive impact on our health and well-being. Among many other benefits, neighborhoods with trees can be up to 20 degrees cooler than those without; improve air quality; improve mental health and lower stress; contribute to reducing violent crime; reduce symptoms of asthma and ADHD; help manage stormwater, and more. In short, when we have trees in our neighborhood, we’re happier, healthier, and we live longer.
If you want to learn about how you can get a tree in front of you home or simply more about what Deeply Rooted is doing in your community feel free to email us at Also, you can access an application to apply for a tree in front of you home at If you see us out in your community, feel free to say hello!

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