Election 2020: Hope for The Future!

Biden election worker makes a new friend

My nephew Bob has been volunteering at election time since Senator Kerry’s ill-fated run against Pres. Bush back in 2004.  The commitment has involved travel from his home in Sanoma county California to work in Nevada on the two successful Obama campaigns and to Washington DC on sad Clinton failure in 2016.   Now in retirement from his video program design career and college teaching, he has been working since March with former Obama staffers at “Pod to Save America.” and chose the Philadelphia area for his Election Day effort this year.

A fellow M.I.T. alumnus chipped in with some air miles and Bob was able to room here for free with his cousin.  All-day Monday he canvassed door to door in suburbs of West Chester, and from dawn to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day he was an outside observer at a polling station in Delaware County.

Arriving back in San Francisco late Wednesday, he was in line for a homebound shuttle bus when he realized he was $3.00 short for the fare (they only took cash).  Not wanting to rush to a cash machine and risk missing the bus, he threw pride to the winds and asked the big, burly, rough-looking passenger ahead of him for what he needed.  “No problem; here’s five bucks,” was the smiling response.

Boarding the bus, they sat side by side and Bob learned that his seatmate was thirsty and hadn’t picked up any water for the trip.  Without hesitation, Bob handed over a fresh bottle he had in his pack – which was gratefully consumed by his new friend. 

As the two chatted during the 1-hour journey, it became evident that they were extreme opposites from a political standpoint – although the subject itself was studiously avoided.

Arriving at the end of the line in San Raphael, Bob was picked up his brother for the added half-hour drive home.  Since his acquaintance was heading in the same direction, they offered him a ride.  Rather than simply dropping the man off en route, his brother drove him home, too.

Bob reflected on that episode as he stayed up late that night watching TV, exhausted, but fascinated by the election results – particularly in Philadelphia.  “If two such complete strangers with totally opposite pollical views could come together and find a way to cooperate for their mutual benefit,” he thought, “Maybe there’s hope for our country after all.”

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