Elmwood Park: Green projects are being planned near you, provide your input!


The Lindbergh Playground project will implement green stormwater infrastructure tools.

The Philadelphia Water Department is in the process of designing green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) systems that will manage runoff while also greening your neighborhood. Please note, these projects are in the early design phase and construction will be years away. 

This planned project is part of the City of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters, a 25-year initiative to improve the quality of our waterways by installing GSI in our neighborhoods, coupled with enhancement of traditional infrastructure like collection systems, pumping, and wastewater treatment plants.

Native vegetation is planted on the top of a ‘green tool’ to soak up water while the stone bed underground is used to store as much stormwater runoff as possible. PWD has been building these green tools for more than a decade and is recognized as a national leader in using GSI to help prevent polluted water from entering our creeks and rivers. 

Over the next few years, our Public Engagement Team will educate and inform stakeholders and residents about the progress of these projects. Now is the time to reach out to your Community Outreach Specialist Dan Schupsky (daniel.schupsky@phila.gov) for more information or to schedule them to present at an upcoming Registered Community Organization (RCO) meeting. 


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