Faith and Blue Peace Walk in Southwest

Peace walk

Residents of Southwest Philadelphia gathered together on Wednesday, October 13th, for a Faith and Blue Peace Walk. The 12th District Police hosted this event with faith leaders and neighbors. Faith and Blue is a national organization that works to unify communities by connecting law enforcement with community groups, residents, faith leaders, etc. This partnership allows communities to grow stronger and safer. 

Philadelphia as a whole has seen an increase in homicide victims. As of October 13th, the city experienced 432 homicides. Captain Scott Drissel, Commanding officer of the 12th District Police, said the event was held the day after a man was stabbed a block from the 12th district station. 

The walk started at the Police Station on 64th and Woodland. The group made its way through “hotspots” – violent areas in the community. Children have lost friends, parents, and family members due to gun violence in Southwest. Youth who have been exposed to gun violence can experience long lasting emotional effects. They are more likely to be desensitized to violence which can lead to them  being stuck in the same cycle of violence. If our children cannot live safely now, the violence will continue. Politicians have been hosting public safety meetings to find a solution to protect our community.

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