Free Air Monitoring from Clean Air Council

Are you a South or Southwest Philadelphia resident concerned about air pollution and public health? Now you can host a FREE air monitor at your home, business, or organization. Through this air monitoring program, you will be able to see data from your monitor and your neighbors’ monitors in real time online and on a smartphone app. Residents who host an air monitor will receive a $50 gift card as thanks. All data collected from air monitors will be publicly available. This data, alongside health data collected from other programs, will be used to advance advocacy efforts to mitigate pollution impacts and reduce harm to our communities.

Clean Air Council has received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to install outdoor air monitors at homes, businesses, and organizations throughout South and Southwest Philadelphia. Sign up today to host a free air monitor. The monitor is about the size of a softball and must be plugged in.  Please contact Russell Zerbo at 215-567-4004 x130 or

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