Gemma Services (formerly theVillage) is Ending Residential Program for Adolescent Girls


Gemma Services (formerly theVillage and Silver Springs – Martin Luther School) announced that at the October 22, 2020 meeting of Gemma’s Board of Directors, the Board voted unanimously to cease all operations of the Rosemont Residential Program, which includes the Gemma School.

The decision was not made lightly and follows years of hard work and analysis by many hands.  Over the last five years, and following an extended period during which the program had been unsustainable, the former Village Board and leadership worked tirelessly to provide a safe residential treatment home for hundreds of adolescent females. This investment of time and resources was not made in vain, but rather always with the mission at the forefront of the work.

After studying the program, despite the massive overall investment by Gemma financial support, and excellent treatment provided by our dedicated staff, they concluded that the residential program could not become viable.

Gemma is committed to making sure the youth currently in their care will transition smoothly and to the appropriate placement. They are also committed to helping the affected employees transition successfully to whatever is next for them. We will not close the program until all of the youth have been moved to an appropriate placement.

Despite the news, the Board believes the future of Gemma is bright.

“This news does not mean we are getting out of residential treatment rather that we are pivoting, much like many in our industry, to consider alternative ways to provide services to youth in more home-like community settings. Moreover, we are exploring new ways to serve Southwest Philadelphia, which is where theVillage has very deep roots.” Stated Kristin Gay, President and CEO of Gemma.  

Gemma Services will continue serving Southwest with foster care and adoption services, behavioral health programs and in-home protective services.  Visit their website at

(Information for this article came from the Gemma website.) 

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