Getting to Know 12th District Captain Joseph Green 

Captain Green attends Representative Young's Community Day event.
Captain Green attends Representative Young's Community Day event.

Captain Joseph Green was born into a family of police officers in Northeast Philadelphia but initially took a different route. After graduating from Widener University, Captain Green became an accountant but felt in his blood that he was meant to be a police officer. In February of 2007 he decided to change career paths and join the police academy. After his graduation from the police academy he started off as a patrol officer in Center City. He made his way through the ranks as a plain clothes officer, performed performance based audits in the administrative unit and was promoted to Sergeant before later becoming a Lieutenant. 

His career in law enforcement has not turned out exactly how he expected it to. He never expected he would be a Captain– he had imagined he would always stay in patrol or join the swat team– but it has turned out to be everything he hoped it would be. Policing changes so frequently that it is hard to know what to expect but to be in a district where he is able to help the community is everything he could ask for.

Captain Green’s law enforcement career has spanned almost 15 years and he has many accomplishments but he is most proud of the people around him. His mentors and family members have invested so much in him. He is also very proud working with such outstanding officers, especially those in the 12th District. 

Captain Green’s goal for the 12th District is to prioritize the community’s wants and needs. He stresses the importance of building relationships with the community and trying to create a safe and clean community that people want to live in. The 12th district police department often holds clean up events and community meetings where they are always open to positive and negative feedback. He is also focusing on the  officers in the 12th District and making sure that they are properly trained and supported.

After getting to know people in Southwest Captain Green has a deep appreciation for the communities resilience, toughness and honesty. He is hoping to instill all of those qualities in his own life. 

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