Glover’s Gardens Grow in Southwest Philly

Globe Times - Ground Cherries in bowl

In a testament to the power of local investment, Sankofa Community Farm graduate turned entrepreneur Hajjah Glover has found inspiration and confidence as a home gardening program leader. Hajjah, a Southwest Philadelphia resident who attends the Community College of Philadelphia, recently founded her own food sovereignty project, Glover’s Gardens. With the mission to provide working-class neighborhoods with beauty, empowerment, and nourishment, Hajjah’s goal is to create communities and connections through her garden bed program.

Hajjah begins by setting up consultations with interested families, testing their light and soil to determine which fruits and vegetables can grow and thrive. She identifies pre-existing skills and resources in the community to determine how she can ensure the garden and residents flourish.

Using thoughtful feedback and suggestions from families, Hajjah designs, builds, and installs neighborhood garden beds throughout Southwest Philadelphia, with the intention of growing her business to serve other local neighborhoods. Glover’s Gardens provides and helps sustain edible gardens, leaving neighbors with the knowledge and opportunity to eat healthier and live healthier lifestyles.

Interested in learning more about Glover’s Gardens? Contact Hajjah Glover at

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