Gun Turn-Ins – No Questions Asked

August 19

City Councimembers Kenyatta Johnson and Cindy Bass, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, Bilal Qayyum of Fathers’ Day Rally Committee, Rev. Gregory Holston of Jane Memorial United Methodist Church, and Rev. James A. Lovett II of  Tusker Street Missionary Baptist Church announced Monday that they were sponsoring a home gun-check campaign entitled “Gun Turn-In – No Questions Asked” on Saturday, August 19 at two locations:

  –  Jane Memorial United Methodist Church, 47 Haines Road, Phila. PA 19144

  – Tusker Street Missionary Baptist Church, 2010 Tasker Street, Phila. PA 19145 

This opportunity is in keeping with the need to take action to stem the terrible tide of gun violence in the city.  The pressure of the coronavirus, isolation of residents, and the tension brought on by job loss and closing of may institutions has caused conflicts to boil over within our neighborhoods.   Reducing to any extent the immediate availability of guns is one way of lessening the violence. 

Philadelphia Police personnel will be partnering with this joint appeal and ask that Philadelphians to check their homes for unwanted or unattended firearms. 

The hope is that all residents will take responsibility in identifying guns in their homes, and turn them in at the two safe locations. Call 215-667-9870 for more details. 

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