Health Info for Women – Online Programs:  Nov. 9th and12th

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Zoom to discuss: High Blood Pressure & Setting Health Goals

Black Women Destroying Disparities BWDD has scheduled two more free online session with experts to help education and motivate women on wellness and health. 

Hypertension (high blood pressure):  Wednesday, November 9th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM   Dr. Daniyele Feaster, DNP, MSN-Ed, will review the “ins and outs” of hypertension and to stay healthy with it.   

Healthcare Motivation:  Saturday, November 12th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. “How Can I Get Motivated & Accomplish My Goals: Learn how to gain confidence & get closer to what you desire in life with Certified Transformation & Life Management Coach, Altonya Sheppard

Black Women Destroying Disparities (BWDD) is a collective of care professionals & entrepreneurs dedicated to educating & motivating women (especially Black Women) to be empowered participants and the primary decision makers of their health & overall wellbeing. 

BWDD urges you to share this healthy lifestyle information with your network of work associates, friends, and family.

Registration is required. Use this link to register

(Information for this article was provided by Altonya Sheppard, Owner & CEO

Helping & Teaching Together, LLC,   phone: 1-800-362-3459 or (215) 798-3577)

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