Health Safety – Important with Sexually Transmitted Disease Too!

Teds 03 6-19 issue Health Safety sexually transmitted disease

NUAD and COLOURS renew education program in SW

Health Safety! It’s just as important a concern with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as it is for Covid-19

Neighborhood United Against Drugs (NUAD) and the COLOURS Organization are resuming their public awareness campaign on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) inaugurated last year. The program is designed to increase public awareness of the importance of preparing in advance when partners are contemplating intercourse (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP). 

This awareness is also important if sexual relations have taken place (Post-exposure Prophylaxis or PEP).  

The focus is on such populations such as gay’s, specifically men who have sex with men, bisexuals, current and former intravenous drug users, African American youth and African Immigrants living in Southwest. 

Research data show that people in minority communities that could greatly benefit from preventative and treatment medications are not taking advantage of them. Many minority communities lack good quality health care and don’t follow appropriate health care practices. Poor access to information is also a major factor.  

NUAD’s public awareness campaign includes conducting twelve informal health education sessions for small groups of 10 residents per session to educate them about PrEP and PEP. Participants will also be given the opportunity to get tested at these sessions.

Lastly, NUAD is distributing posters and educational materials about PrEP and PEP in local Southwest businesses and community-based organizations. For more information, contact Joe Purnell at 215-724-7430.  

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