Honoring victims of gun violence in Southwest’s New Botanical Garden of Healing

MBBG botanical garden (1)

The Philadelphia Wear Orange Gun Violence Victim Remembrance Rally brought survivors and advocacy groups together in the new Moms Bonded By Grief (MBBG) Botanical Garden of Healing at 51st and Woodland Avenue to honor victims of gun violence in Southwest Philadelphia and around the country. Wear Orange is a national movement honoring Hadiya Pendelton, a student who marched in President Obama’s second inaugural parade, and a week later, was shot and killed on a playground in Chicago.

Terrez McCleary, founder of Moms Bonded By Grief, emceed the rally and was joined by Danielle Shaw-Oglesby, Kai Davis, and Williesha Robinson. All four women have lost children to gun violence. City Council President and Southwest Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson shared remarks as well.
“Our vision was to create a space where mothers can come for peace and solace when they are struggling; a place for the community to see and understand what these senseless acts of gun violence are doing to our families and communities,” McCleary said. “When we are done today, the legacy rocks you are invited to create, will represent a life lost. They will be a permanent reminder to the community that our children’s lives matter.”

Many different projects, from tree planting to fence installation, are underway at the garden in preparation for its expected opening this Fall.

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