Is COVID-19 affecting your job status? Considering applying for unemployment.

You may be eligible for unemployment compensation if:

  1. Your employer temporarily closes or goes out of business because of COVID-19.
  2. Your employer reduces your hours because of COVID-19.
  3. You have been told not to work because your employer feels you might get or spread COVID-19.
  4. You have been told to quarantine or self-isolate, or live/work in a county under government-recommended mitigation efforts.

It’s important to note that:

  • The waiting week has been suspended and those eligible may receive benefits for the first week they are unemployed.
  • Claimants are not required to prove they have applied or searched for a new job to maintain their Unemployment Compensation benefits. 

You can apply at here.

You can also contact my office by visiting our website and staff can help you through the process.

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