It’s Still Tax Season: Protect Yourself from Scams!

Although tax season may be closing down, it’s important to to remember that it is still prime time for phone scams. 

People claiming to represent or help you with IRS filings or problems are most often scamming artists.  The IRS will never contact taxpayers by email, text message or social media. The IRS may call people, but it will usually send bills by mail first.   If the IRS does call you, know that it will never demand immediate payment over the phone or threaten action from law enforcement. Tax season is already stressful enough – if you receive an urgent or threatening phone call regarding your taxes, it’s definitely a scam!

A threatening call about your taxes?  Definitely a scam!

According to the IRS, consumers have lost over $63 million from phone scams since 2013. These phone scams use robocalling technology to make thousands of calls per minute to deceive people and steal their money.  T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile expect that 50% of mobile phone calls this year may be scam calls. Here’s what customers should know:

  • Facebook message from that person you’ve never met? Probably a scam. 
  • Phone calls, emails, text messages, and other social media:  suspicious messages through one of these channels may mean you’re being targeted. 
  • Phony Caller ID:  Many scammers will use a local number to make people more likely to answer. If you receive a call from a local number you’re not familiar with and want to play it safe, let it go to voicemail and, if needed, call back later.

Taking these basic steps can help keep you—and your money—safe from scammers this tax season, but it won’t guarantee 100% protection. Ultimately, being educated about various types of fraudulent scams, taking preventative steps to protect personal information, and making smart, informed choices can help you outsmart potential scams during the tax season. Remember, if it seems questionable, it probably is!

This information was graciously provided by T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile

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