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His Journey Into S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

“The Sensational Science Sisters ™ ”, Erika Baylor & Jasmine Richardson, two long-time Southwest Philadelphia residents, recently released their children’s book, Jabari’s Dreamy Star, His Journey Into S.T.E.M.

On Friday, February 2, 2024, “The Sensational Science Sisters ™ ” helped the Commodore John Barry Elementary School kick off their Black History Month celebration by doing a book reading to some of their classes.  Students were able to meet these young scientists who also grew up in the West Philadelphia area.  Books were donated to the classes and to the school.

Jabari’s Dreamy Star, His Journey Into S.T.E.M. is a story about an African-American boy and the obstacles that he overcame throughout life to become the scientist that he always dreamt about becoming (and the obstacles that he had to overcome throughout life to become the scientist that he is today…idk). This is a motivational book for children of all ages! This story narrates (I feel a word besides “show” is needed here since it’s a story and not a movie) that perseverance and determination are needed, especially when others are trying to deter you from your dream. 

These Philadelphia natives refer to themselves as “The Sensational Science Sisters ™ ” because they both have enjoyed science their entire lives (instead maybe: due to their passion for science?).   The two sisters earned their Bachelor of Science degrees from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. As children, their experiences at an array of science programs throughout the Philadelphia area motivated them to write this book. They hope to encourage students, who are often underrepresented, to never lose focus of their dreams.  

As “The Sensational Science Sisters ™”, they know the importance of STEM and the impact that it can have on students in the classroom. This book tells a story that parents and children alike will be excited to read over and over again. Be sure to visit them on the web at www.jabarisdreamystar.com. For more information about the book contact Jasmine Richardson via email at jabarisdreamystar@gmail.com

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