Jamie Gauthier Visits Southwest CDC

Jamie Gauthier Mtg Photo 7-9-19

Staff at Southwest CDC met with Jamie Gauthier, the presumptive winner of the general election scheduled for November 5th.  Ms. Gauthier will be replacing long-time Councilperson Jannie Blackwell. 

Southwest CDC explained their many and varied programs.  Ms. Gauthier has a Masters degree in Urban Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and took a particular interest in Southwest CDC’s economic development and housing development plans. She is also very interested in working with Southwest CDC around the issues of gentrification and displacement.  

“We look forward to working with Ms. Gauthier on the issue of gentrification, which is on the minds of many Southwest residents.  She realizes that renters are particularly vulnerable and that is important. “ said Donna Henry, Executive Director of Southwest CDC.   

Mark Harrell, Southwest CDC’s community organizer said “It was a pleasure to meet with the next City Council representative who will represent Southwest Philadelphia. Ms. Gauthier showed a keen understanding of our issues and a real interest in being a champion for SW residents.” 

The news that Ms. Guthier won the primary was shocking to many Southwest residents.  Councilwoman Blackwell has served the 3rd Councilmatic District since 1992. She succeeded her husband, Lucien, when he went on to become a Congressman. 

To learn more about Ms. Gautier, visit her website.  To learn more about Southwest CDC, visit their website.

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