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Virtual Summer Camp

Written by Francine Elizabeth Natal

The benefits of having a virtual Summer Camp are many; where do I begin? Firstly, this is the “Digital Era” where computer literacy prevails; therefore to have your child engaged in a Virtual Summer Camp experience will further maximize their computer based learning and generally strengthen their potential to expand on their computer literacy skills.  Practice makes perfect thus, they are granted a pro-computer literacy engagement which will motivate them to prolong their computer based learning throughout the year. 

Virtual Summer Camp is saying something more…it means PROGRAMMING e.g. we are conditioning your child’s mind to the acceptance of Cyber engagement as a reality that has become a “social norm”.  Due to the COVID-19 and Coronavirus Global Pandemic, the world has changed forever. Virtual or online working from home has become the new norm for adults. Thus, your child is learning to be flexible with regards to acquiring a new experience i.e. Virtual Summer Camp.

The technology era (the computer age) comes with dictates – required tech-skills in practice, either a child conforms or they are challenged which may mean their adult life will be limited as for employment opportunities, etc.  I don’t mean to seem extreme as for making predictions but Virtual Summer Camp is a ‘real world experience’ and prepares your child for the competitive environment they will be thrust into throughout their education experience as well as future workforce demands.

Cyber world reality is the core of Virtual Summer Camp, getting your child enrolled is a plus because they are learning that Summer Camp too has Cyber experience initiatives.  To add, they will become better acclimated with regards to maneuvering on their PC (cyber navigation). They too will benefit from the discipline of being prompt as for time management because Virtual Summer Camp lessons have time-blocks meaning each activity has a time slot.

Overall, your child will receive a structured cyber fun-based learning experience. They may feel a bit slighted in that they are not able to have the “in-person” Summer camp experience that they are used to but in exchange, your child will experience a new style of Summer Camp i.e. Virtual Summer Camp which guarantees adult-monitored activities.  However, the positive reinforcement of the child’s parents or guardians at home becomes essential Parent involvement matters.

For any child who participates in Southwest CDC’s Virtual Summer Camp will receive a free gift card. Virtual Camp begins July 6th and goes till August 14th. For registration information email Shaketia Sills at or call at 215-729-0800 x112.  

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