Letter to the Editor (October 4, 2019)

What a day to be Praised! Through the years we, the Southwest Philadelphia residents, have heard and read of many terrible and heartbreaking news in our community. At this time, I would like to speak of and share some good news about the wonderful things that occur in our neighborhoods. On Friday, September 13, 2019, I attended the annual Healthy from Head to Toe Senior Appreciation Fair, which was hosted by our State Rep. Joanna E. McClinton. This well appreciated community event was held at Presbyterian Homes. There were many vendors that offered beneficial information regarding senior citizens and our health. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. The atmosphere and music was great! There was live entertainment and lunch. I was so busy communicating with those present that I did not get the opportunity to enjoy the lunch that was served. The music was awesome! Although I have some physical disabilities, I gathered my aching bones together and, with help from one of the band members, I got on the stage and danced with other invited senior citizens and the band. I will never forget how much fun I had that day. I kept telling my daughter about my enjoyment and gratitude to Rep. Joanna McClinton and her wonderful staff. Through the years I have been invited, via email, to many of Rep. McClinton’s community activities. I want everyone to know that there are good things in our community that outweigh the violence and bad things. I offer my Prayers and gratitude to our State Representative, for she has always taken the time to talk with those who attend her events. She has taken many pictures with my daughter and me. I can honestly say that I love that young lady and the positive energy that she brings with her to every event. Instead of gunshot sounds, I heard the sounds of good music and conversations.

P.S. “We had a Goooooood time y’all!!!”

Written by Barbara Ann Mary Mack

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