Meet the Southwest Tree Tenders!

05 ConnellParkTreePlanting [Photo Credit Cavhanah Baht T'om]

Story by Southwest Tree Tenders

This year at Spring Fest, we’re celebrating all the ways our community is caring for our city’s
ecology. One of the organizations doing this work is the Southwest Tree Tenders, our local
cohort of PHS’s Tree Tenders program, which works with community groups to plant trees and
train neighbors to care for them. In the past year, the Southwest Tree Tenders and the Garden’s
paid youth internship, the ROOTS Tree Crew, have increased our local tree canopy by planting
125 trees on streets and parks in the neighborhood. Meet some of the Tree Tenders and be sure to
join us for Spring Fest on April 15th!

My name is Ivy Berry and I am a Southwest Tree Tender leader. I am also a Certified Peer
Specialist, a Resource Coordinator for Mural Arts of Philadelphia and a Computer Lab Monitor
for Philadelphia Housing Authority. Also my positions allow me to actively engage and give
back to my community.

My name is Todd Mccoy Jr. I am a Southwest Tree Tender leader and Co-founder of Born
Leader Family, a community based organization with non-profit status. We service youth ages 6-
18 and seniors from the Presbyterian Homes. We offer mentorship, education, sport and
community initiatives. I’m also the President of the FJ Myers Advisory Council, a community
organization working directly with the rec to center to provide resources and services to
Southwest Philadelphia.

My name is Adriane Y. Parks. I live in and love my Southwest Philly area. I am a
Committeewoman in the 40th Ward 3rd Division and I also am a member of some leadership
boards in my community. I am the Director of the Mobile Crisis Unit at The Consortium in West
Philadelphia. Please call 988 if you and or a family member are experiencing crisis.

(Image: Tree Tenders in Connell Park [Photo Credit: Cavhanah Baht T’om] & Planting with
Moms Bonded By Grief [Photo Credit: Kromah Studio)

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