Photo caption: Barbara Mack sitting  in front of a small assortment of her published works
Photo caption: Barbara Mack sitting in front of a small assortment of her published works

Barbara Ann Mary Mack, a 62-year-old Afro-American mother, grandmother, and resident of Southwest Philadelphia, is the proud author of fifty-two God Inspired published books and has four children books published at this time. Barbara has lived in the Southwest area of Philadelphia, our City of Brotherly Love, for over forty years. She celebrates Black History month every day, with her neighbors in the Southwest Community and every one her Missionary work leads her to.

Barbara attended John Bartram High School and she also attended Philadelphia Community College for a couple of years, in which she chose her Major in the field of Psychology. Barbara’s goal was to become a Stress Management Therapist. Although Barbara’s desire was to work in the field of Stress Management, she later discovered that her calling was in Missionary work for God. In 2001 Barbara was accepted in the Visitation Order of Cloistered Nuns. It was in March of 1997 that Barbara began her literary works for God. Her first two God-inspired books were published in September of 2002. All of Barbara’s books are published by Authorhouse Publishing Co. located in Bloomington, Indiana. 

In the midst of writing, Barbara has traveled to other countries sharing her God-inspired published books. Barbara received two letters from Pope John Paul II after she traveled to Rome, Italy to give him two copies of her published books and a Message from God. Barbara also traveled to the White House to share her Gifts with some of President Obama’s staff, and to pray for those in the White House. After sharing her Missionary work with President Trump via email, Barbara received two letters from Mr. Trump thanking her for her Prayers. One of Barbara’s books (Daughter Of Courage) can be found at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Through the years, Barbara, her daughter La Toya A. Robinson, and her granddaughter, Amya P. Turpin, have traveled to many countries, states, and cities, sharing her books and Ministry with many. 

Barbara’s Missionary Work in Philadelphia includes sharing her literary works and ministry with many who visit certain churches, food Pantries, and schools that distribute food and clothing to those who live in the community

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