Moms & Daughters Celebrate Fitness Week

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Young ladies from Southwest energetically lift weights at the Planet Fitness center in the Penrose Plaza at Island Ave. and Lindbergh Blvd.  Their exercise regimen took place during the recent mom-daughter week celebration.

Planet Fitness in the Penrose Plaza offers a variety of healthy exercise programs

By Ted Behr

Dozens of young ladies and their mothers took part in the “Mom and Daughter” fitness week celebrated this month at a spacious gym at Planet Fitness in Penrose Plaza at Island Avenue and Lindbergh Blvd.

Among the fitness-seeking participants were Amanda and her stepdaughter, Hannah. Amanda had the goal of gaining muscle, while Hannah wanted to lose weight.

Hannah, a member of Planet Fitness for several years, had hit a plateau and found herself going to the gym less and less frequently.  Believing that a partnership might motivate her, she approached her stepmom and they agree to go together.  Not only do they have the life-changing benefits of regular structured exercise, but their relationship also began to blossom.  Now they help motivate each other to keep going and help recognize the progress they have made. Without each other, they wouldn’t have such a strong regimen or determination (Hannah really appreciates her mom for that!)

“Planet Fitness [is] strengthening the mother-daughter bond one membership at a time,” added Carmen Diaz, Island Ave. Planet Fitness General Manager.  “When exercising together with your daughter, it is guaranteed time together every day! Life often gets busy, but mother and daughter time is special.”

Another pair of ladies who didn’t fit the mom-daughter category were Hazel and Marie.  Interviewed at Planet Fitness last week, Hazel indicated that they were neighbors who were bonding together for mutual support of their respective exercise programs.

“It makes sense to do support each other this way because we have the same aim of getting into better condition and can share the driving,” stressed Marie, who appreciated that they could go online any time to find out whether the center was crowded or not.   Hazel liked the wide variety of walking and bicycle equipment.

Diaz noted that friends and family interested in kick-starting their own success stories at Planet Fitness at Island Avenue can visit or phone (267) 292-4655 for more information.

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