Need Help With Federal Government Matters? U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon Staff Available at Southwest CDC

vandath sek

Taxes?  Immigration questions? Veterans and Social Security benefits? Help with a government agency? 

The vast array of federal services and requirements can be bewildering and trying to deal with them can be frustrating! But, happily, a staff member from the office of U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon is conveniently on hand at Southwest CDC at 6328 Paschall Avenue once a month for consultation and assistance. 

“Each of us has an area of specialty, but we are cross-trained to help with many other of the services afforded by Rep. Scanlon’s office,” said personable Vandeth Sek.  “We try to become familiar with as many of the needs that her constituents may face.” 

“We look at each situation individually and make a record of it,” he added. “Unless we have direct contact with residents or businesses, it’s not always clear what the issues are. For instance, Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs regulations and questions can be very complicated. When we know all of the particulars, we are then in a better position to offer real assistance.” 

For youth and people involved with the criminal justice system, Sek is a special connection. With family roots in Cambodia, he grew up in Philadelphia. In his younger days, he did have problems that resulted in spending time in one or another of the area’s youth residences. When his life was turned around, he moved to Honolulu and eventually earned his degree from the University of Hawaii. 

Rep. Scanlon’s 5th Congressional District office is located at 927 East Baltimore Avenue in East Lansdowne (19050) and can be reached by phone at 610-626-2020. Her website can be found at

To contact Southwest CDC for more information, phone 215-729-0800 or visit the website at

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