New Members Sought for Phila. Board of Education: Apply by Jan. 23

Philadelphia has set in motion the appointment of nine new members of the Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia. Mayor Jim Kenney has convened an Educational Nominating Panel on Wednesday which will receive application during a two-week process ending January 23.

The Nominating Panel will turn over their choice of 27 names for the Mayor’s consideration next month.

The newly appointed members of the Board will serve four-year terms beginning May 1.

“This will be the first four-year term for Board of Education members since we returned our public schools to local control,” said Mayor Kenney. “Nothing is more important than the education and well-being of our city’s children, and an experienced and dedicated Board of Education is vital to the success of our public education system. I look forward to working with the Nominating Panel and City Council during the appointment process.”

Application from interested residents may be obtained from City Hall, Room 115 or from the School District Office at 440 N. Broad Street.

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