News from Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition

News from EastwickFriendsandNeighborsCoalition

By Deborah Jefferson, EFNC History Committee Chairperson

Curious about what Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition, often called EFNC, has been up to lately? Over the past several years, EFNC has continued to be on the forefront of change in the Eastwick section of Philadelphia. With a focus on empowering people and fighting against environmental injustice, EFNC advocacy work includes partnering with Tree Philly to give away free trees to the community, providing gift cards to Eastwick residents whose homes suffered damage from Tropical Storm Isaias, and organizing community clean-ups.  

Presently, EFNC is striving to reinvigorate the Eastwick Town Watch program. They have held two trainings with support from the Executive Director of Town Watch Integrated Services and continue to work with our city government and elected officials to eliminate the quality of life issues that negatively impact the Eastwick community, such as dumping and illegal truck parking. EFNC members are committed, dedicated, and resourceful.  If you want to be part of a team, fighting for an important cause, EFNC is the answer.

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EFNC will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Look for more information on the anniversary celebration in the upcoming weeks.   

For more information:; Facebook/EastwickFNC; ; Twitter @EastwickFNC ; P.O. Box 16985 Philadelphia, PA 19142

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