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“Dirt is life! We need these bugs!” shouted a fourth-grader on a field trip to Bartram’s Garden last week. We had been learning about “bugs” then finding them in the garden: worms, millipedes, insects, all the small and unconsidered creatures. That young girl made a connection between those creatures munching through the dead plants and enriching the soil for new life. It reminded me why it’s so important to get kids out of the classroom and outdoors. Outside, in a green space, kids make new connections, refresh their minds, and learn how to feel safe exploring something unfamiliar. There is magic in something as simple as feeling the breeze on your face, watching a squirrel, or running in a meadow that seems infinite. One of the things Bartram’s Garden is committed to is creating an inviting place to explore, discover, and play with nature. Find a way to explore the outdoors with your family at bartramsgarden.org.

  • We offer free field trips for Southwest classrooms and cover the transportation cost! The education team also visits Southwest schools and offers support for classroom curricula.
  • Monthly programs are available for toddlers and homeschoolers: exploring the Schuylkill River, making art, the secret lives of insects and plants!
  • The Education team travels to Eastwick and Kingsessing libraries with free programs for children. Check your local library.
  • Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 8! HoneyFest will have free activities for all ages!
  • Kids can explore the Garden with their families anytime, seven days a week!

To get in touch with our education manager, please send an e-mail to Leslie Gale at lgale@bartramsgarden.org

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