Park in a Truck Initiative opens a new park at 59th and Greenway

Photo credit: @parkinatruck on Instagram
Photo credit: @parkinatruck on Instagram

Southwest is now home to another green space designed and implemented by youth in the community thanks to Jefferson University’s Park in a Truck initiative. Through this project, Jefferson brings gardens and urban green spaces to neighborhoods across the city in an effort to show young people the empowering nature of taking collective ownership of community spaces. It also helps promote biodiversity and educates communities about the benefits of urban green spaces.

“We got involved in this for the environment and for the youth to help younger kids that’s dealing with gun violence and stuff that’s going on in the neighborhood,” said 14-year-old Semaj Flores. The program caters to kids from ages 11-14.

For more information or questions, call 215-951-0115 or email See other Park Ambassadors and volunteer opportunities at @parkinatruck on Instagram.

[information from this article was obtained from CBS News]

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