Paschalville Library Design Ideas Revealed

REBUILD - Paschalville July 15th meeting

By Globe Times Staff Writer

The REBUILD team for Paschalville Library held a virtual, public meeting on July 15th that outlined three different designs for the significant renovations planned for the coming year.  More than 30 people attended  the meeting to see the proposed changes.

Architects explained the existing layout, which included the lower level that many people are less familiar with.  The front of the building needs to be modified to have a main entrance where all people can access the building.  There will be a ramp and stairs that will bring people up to the main level before entering the building.  A small elevator/lift will be installed for access to the lower level once in the building.  New stairs will be needed to also access the lower level.

The building poses many challenges to the architects.  The building is right up against the property line and there are buildings there.  There is a PECO transformer on the site.  While the site seems level, there is a 4 foot difference from the corner of Woodland Avenue to the corner of Saybrook Avenue.

The architects proposed two different schemes for the main level and three different schemes for the lower level.  The exterior of the building will not change much, but there would be additions to the site, including a story circle for children.   The existing WWI Memorial will remain where it is.

Participants were broken up to groups so that the architects could hear feedback on the proposed designs.

To watch the entire meeting and see the details, visit  The next public meeting will be in September. 

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