A Message from the Phila. Water Department


We’re conducting infrastructure site testing in Cobbs Creek

Let your neighbors know: Water Department contractors will be conducting survey work for possible green stormwater infrastructure systems in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood.

Our contractors will be conducting ground condition tests in the following location:

  • Along 62nd Street from Webster Street to Osage Avenue
  • Along Cedar Avenue from 62nd Street to Cobbs Creek Parkway

The testing is scheduled to take place the next several weeks.

You received this alert because you live in 19143 and are registered for Water Dept. updates. If you know neighbors not on this list, please feel to share this and our sign-up link for these alerts.

Residents living nearby may notice construction surveyors, markings on the pavement, and possible drilling in the right-of-way, such as on sidewalks. All drilling holes, roughly the size of a coffee can, will be patched shortly after testing.

This geotechnical fieldwork is being done to test the area’s suitability for green infrastructure. Some work may be loud or slightly disruptive. The Water Department and our contractors will strive to avoid any impacts on neighbors.

More information on Green infrastructure

  • Green stormwater projects use plants, trees, and stone to capture and filter stormwater.
  • Geotechnical fieldwork like the work planned for this area allows engineers to determine the best type of infrastructure for the area.
  • Green systems can be found in neighborhoods across the city. They are part of Green City, Clean Waters. Philadelphia launched the 25-year infrastructure effort in 2011 to improve the health of our waterways. Today, green systems keep billions of gallons of polluted runoff out of local rivers and creeks each year.
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