Pick Up After Your Dogs!


Dogs are a great best friend but they’re the type of friend you need to clean up after. Philly is a dog city with 1 dog for every 4 humans! Dogs brighten most peoples’ day. But, nothing ruins your day like stepping in dog waste. Your shoe is now contaminated and can track diseases into your house and other public spaces. As their owner, you are responsible for cleaning up dog waste. It is a pollutant that contains bad bacteria and viruses. Dog waste is especially harmful if thrown down the storm drains. The storm drains empty directly into the Delaware and Schuylkill River. Dog waste can also cause problems for wildlife and other pets. Make sure you always grab a bag when you take your dog out! Tie it up and securely place it in the garbage once your home. You can also flush pet waste down the toilet but don’t flush the bag down the drain with it.

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