Register Now for the May 18 Primary!

Teds 04 4-16 Issue - Register Now for the May 18 Primary.

All voters should vote in the May 18 Primary Election on the four key ballot questions.  Candidates are also running for District Attorney

District Attorney Election & Ballot Questions are Very Important

By Ted Behr

The last day to register for the 2021 Primary Election is Tuesday May 5, according to the Philadelphia City Commissioners website:

The Commissioners also emphasize the follow additional important dates:

  5/11/2021        Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot

  5/18/2021        Last day for the Boards of Election to receive voted mail-in and civilian absentee ballots

  5/18/2021        MUNICIPAL PRIMARY

The primary elections are oriented to the voting by registered Democrats and Republicans, but every registered voter can vote on Tuesday May 18th on the four very important ballot questions.  Independent voters can and should make their voices heard on all four of these issues:

Question 1: Emergency Disaster Declarations: Amends the PA state constitution to permit the General Assembly to end a disaster emergency declaration by majority vote instead of the current law which allows Governor Wolf to establish what constitutes an emergency.  This is a frankly Republican move to confront the governor on his emergency declarations requiring safe behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic.  A “NO” vote continues to allow the governor to make these decisions.  Given that the state legislature may well not be in session when an emergency occurs, and follows procedures that make prompt response impossible it seem prudent to allow this responsibility to remain with the governor. 

Question 2:  Emergency Declarations Limited to 21 Days: Amends the PA State Constitution to limit future disaster emergency declarations to 21 days, unless a majority of the General Assembly approves its extension.  For the same reason stated above on Question 1, it seems sensible to leave any emergency decisions in the hands of the governor who can act immediately and warrants a “NO” vote

Question 3: Protecting Rights Based on Race or Ethnicity:  Amends the PA State Constitution to clearly prohibit the denial or limitation of a person’s rights based on race or ethnicity.   This is a basic principle of liberty should apply to all of our state, county and local governmental actions.  A “YES” vote makes this principle a clear, explicit, and unambiguous right.

Question 4: First Responder Funding:   Makes it clear that loan program previously approved by voter referendum for local fire departments and rescue ambulance squads applies to both paid and volunteer personal.  Since this program began, it has provided much needed low-interest loans to these vital public servants were needed and is an important tool for recruiting for and retaining their services.  Clearly, a “YES” vote is in order.

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