Remembering My Grandfather, Giovanni Carusone

Giovanni photo 2

A World War I soldier honored on the Memorial at Paschalville Library

Giovanni Carusone, a World War I Veteran, Italian Immigrant, Proud American, Husband, Father, Grandfather, a Paschall resident of Southwest Philadelphia—and our Hero.

He was born in Naples, Italy on July 30, 1892.  He left Italy telling his mother he was visiting America to see the great land of opportunity.  His true intention was to join America in fighting for our freedom.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army on May 26, 1918, and he served in the 316th Regiment of Infantry.

Our family recently visited the Paschalville Library to see the World War I Memorial Plaque where his name is engraved among 350 other brave men and women of Paschall who served in the Great War.  As we stood there viewing the names, we were very honored and struck by the heroism and community spirit.

My Grandpop, Giovanni, was the proud father of ten children and 21 grandchildren.  His three sons proudly served our country in the Army, Navy and Air Force!  His favorite story to share was about safely leading an army troop over a hill with guns firing all around them.  When asked if he was scared, he would say there was no time to think about it.  He was fighting for the United States of America, the land of the brave and the free.  Always, when he was finished telling the story, he would sing the Army marching song with great enthusiasm.

After the war he went back to Italy.  He married my grandmother Philomena and both returned to America.  It was in the Paschall neighborhood of Southwest Philadelphia where they raised their large family.  He was proud, strong and would always stand tall just like a soldier, and yet there was a gentleness about him.  His smile was warm and his enduring kindness was felt by his family and strangers alike.  Life was not easy during the Depression, but he always worked very hard to provide for his family.

My grandfather taught us the importance of family, hard work and compassion.  Grandpop passed away in 1981, but his memory will always be a source of comfort for our family.  I know he is proud that his name is on the plaque at the Paschalville Library honoring him and those other brave men and women who served their country.  We love you Grandpop—you are truly our Hero. 


Ms. Clofine discovered her grandfather’s name on the WWI Memorial due to the Rebuild Project at the Paschalville Library.  If you would like a picture to see if you know anyone whose name appears on the plaque, please email  If you would like to learn more about the planned renovations at the library, visit 

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