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Southwest CDC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of $40,000.00 for the “Southwest Philadelphia Affordable Homeownership Project”.  The funding is from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, through the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (“PHARE”) Fund and the Realty Transfer Tax (the “PHARE/RTT Fund”).  Grant funding will support the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of 3 houses in Southwest to low-to moderate income first time homeowners.   The ideal candidate will be a graduate of Southwest CDC’s housing counseling and first time homeowner programs. Southwest CDC is undertaking this project in partnership with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and with generous support from Wayne Presbyterian Church. 

We are also pleased to present the “Southwest Philadelphia Affordable Housing Development Strategy”.  This is possibly the most comprehensive study of the affordable housing and rental market ever done on Southwest Philadelphia.  With funding in part from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, Southwest CDC commissioned the firm of Urban Partners to do the study.  It breaks Southwest into the 7 sub-neighborhoods of Baltimore/Clark Park, Kingsessing East, Kingsessing West, Kingsessing/Bartram, Elmwood, Elmwood/Lindbergh & Eastwick and goes into extensive detail about the housing market in each.  The report also lists action steps for SWCDC and others who are interested in preserving affordable housing in Southwest Philadelphia.  Follow this link to see the full report:

For more information about Southwest CDC’s affordable housing programs contact Steve Kuzmicki at

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