Southwest CDC – Intern Spotlight

Jackson Adams has been a staff intern at the Southwest Globe Times since February. Jackson comes from the Power Corps Program, which is an environmental organization that strives to protect the environment through its fellowship programs. He actually finished his six months of training with Power Corps before looking for an internship at Southwest CDC. Jackson has a background in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia but had to stop school because of a fast paced learning system. He is planning on eventually going back to school to get a degree, not in electrical engineering, but instead in environmental engineering. He has also developed a big interest in writing while in college.

As a full time intern at the Southwest Globe Times, Jackson monitors tasks such as writing articles and selling ads to businesses. This also includes making sure the articles and ads are ready to be sent to the graphic designer.

Jackson is enjoying his work at the Globe Times. He enjoys writing. “I am not doing very well as a sales associates”, stated Jackson. Jackson just loves to write and being at the Southwest Globe Times will help him enhance his writing skills and also gain some experience.

To help Jackson get more ads and to advertise in the Southwest Globe Times, please contact Jackson Adams at 215-727-7777 or

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