Southwest CDC & Patterson Elementary Successfully Complete 6 Week Summer Program

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Southwest CDC/Patterson successfully completed another 6 weeks of summer camp programming to assist families in the Southwest Philadelphia community. Throughout the 6 weeks students participated
in literacy activities, recreational activities, nutritional lessons, drug prevention lessons, STEM lessons, weekly trips, and structured activities.

The theme for summer camp 2019 was “Heros”, which embodied the support and assistance received from a group of really awesome staff, providers, volunteers, interns, the principal, building engineers, lunch aides, and parents. The saying is true “it takes a village to raise a child”.

With the guidance of staff and program coordinators Shaketia Sills and Jackie Simmons students learned that you do not have to be famous or a fictional character to be a hero: demonstrating levels of empathy, leadership skills, team work, building academic skills, service learning, community building, not bullying and demonstrating noble qualities are also all things which makes each individual person a hero. Each group leader used these techniques and skills to create structured activities teaching their students that they can also be heroes.

In the Art and Science Club Ms. Maria and Ms. Chanda’s kindergarten group created tons of art work, science projects, Spanish lessons, and read lots of books which not only improved students’ academic skills but also promoted a sense of empathy and teamwork.

Through Kickboxing and literacy lessons Ms. Casey and Ms. Chandra taught their 1 st grade students the importance of listening, reading comprehension, self-control, and mindfulness.

Not only did Ms. Kimberly and Mr. Hakim’s 2nd graders gain literacy support but they also taught their students how to create pieces of art demonstrating how each student saw themselves as heroes.

Mr. Jose and Ms. Tatiana taught their 3rd grade group the importance of reading, goal setting, career building, mindfulness, self -reflection, empathy for others, and teamwork through art club and gymnastics.

Mr. Melvin and Mr. William also provided their students with literacy lessons but they also used what their 4th – 5th grade students were interested in most; which is technology and music. Students became
their own artists as they were taught how to put together different sounds and make their own beats using technology. In so doing they were also taught empathy and goal setting.

Ms. Crystal and Ms. Sharon took drama to the next level with their 3-5th grade students as they taught their group service learning skills, literacy lessons and how to put on a Broadway production including music, dancing, drumming, and role playing.

This year we had several awesome Bridging the Gap interns including Kate Trieschman from Penn Dental, Kimi Sharma from Penn Vet, Jaylen Davis from Penn Nursing, and Anjali Patel from Jefferson Public Health who taught our students multiple lessons around nutrition, STEM, hygiene and the body,and they also created a dynamic piece of artwork for the heart -smart poster contest which won 1st prize.

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