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The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is one of many beneficial programs residents of Southwest can apply for at the Southwest CDC. The WAP has a similar purpose to the other energy-related programs – like LIHEAP & Crisis – “to keep everyone safe in their homes.” Although they share this purpose, there are distinct differences between them. The WAP program is year round and also makes repairs to the house they are working on.

Applicants that wish to apply for the WAP must submit an extensive list of paperwork required by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA). An appeal form, property owner release form, proof of ownership, and copies of current utility bills are just a few of the documents needed to apply. “Applicants must have all of the things on the list, and then I can help them apply,” Nanzetta stated. 

Once an applicant has gathered all their information, they can contact Nanzetta so that they can set up an appointment time to come into the Southwest CDC and complete the application.

The WAP program’s goal is to allow low income families to reduce their energy bills by making their homes energy efficient. “The ECA is hoping to enroll more customers in this program because one of the major functions is to fix heaters and help customers get their homes prepared for the winter,” Nanzetta said.

The ECA sends out inspectors to the homes to assess what improvements the house may need. For example, some homes are not properly insulated, and hot or cold air can seep out of doors and windows.  After the inspection, funds provided by the U.S. Department of Energy are used by the ECA to improve the energy performance of those dwellings in need, utilizing the most advanced technologies and testing procedures available. 

If you do not need the weather assistance program, the Southwest CDC can also help you with other services. Customers can get their rent and real estate tax forms completed, as well as, apply for the CAP / TAP and CRP programs. 

For more information, contact Nann at 215-729-3293 or email at

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