Southwest CDC Staff Introductions

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Brian Mazelis joined Southwest CDC in February as a program coordinator for the City’s poverty reduction initiative, The Promise, and contributes to the Southwest Globe Times.   Brian has a background in community organizing and outreach around issues that impact the working class. Being able to advocate for those who feel the worst impacts of inequality is a major motivating force for him, and he loves that people in Southwest Philly look out for each other. He is grateful for the opportunity to build on those existing relationships and contribute to the sense of pride that exists in Southwest.  Brian was born in Warren County, New Jersey and moved to Philadelphia in 2019 after traveling for school.

Crystal Kemp joined Southwest CDC in February as a housing counselor and has since passed the HUD certification exam.  Housing is not new to Crystal as she is also a licensed PA Realtor. As a trusted housing advisor, she’ll diligently work for people every step of the way, whether it is helping those behind in their mortgage or those looking to buy a house. Her goal is to deliver a joyful, seamless experience whether people are renting, buying, or improving their credit reports. Crystal also assists those who are facing eviction, foreclosure, or just behind in their payments. Crystal is passionate about bridging the gaps to homeownership. Her favorite thing about Southwest Philly is Fred’s Water Ice, a true Southwest staple.

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