Southwest History: Sidney Poitier filmed movie scenes on Elmwood Avenue

GE on Elmwood 3

The sad news of Sidney Poitier’s death reminded us that he once filmed a movie in Philadelphia called The Lost Man. Accordining to Wikipedia the story line is a former US Army lieutenant Jason Higgs (Sidney Poitier), after becoming a black militant during the 1960s Black Revolutionary Movement, is wounded as he pulls a payroll heist to help imprisoned brothers, and has to hide from the police. Social worker Cathy Ellis (Joanna Shimkus) falls in love with Higgs while helping him elude capture. Joanna Shimkus became Poitier’s wife in real life.

The GE building in a 1969 movie The Lost Man looking west on Elmwood at 69th Street.

The payroll heist scenes were filmed at the old GE factory buildings on Elmwood Avenue. We have a couple clips from the film that shows Tilden Middle School in the background.

The GE Building on Elmwood looking east with Tilden MS in the background.

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