By: Barbara Ann Mary Mack, published author and resident of the Southwest Community

A few weeks ago, I was invited by one of our Church members to check out a Book Club that is held at the Southwest Senior Citizen Center located at 6916 Elmwood Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. The Book Club is organized by Linda Marucci, the Center’s counselor. Meeting Linda for the first time was a wonderful and inviting experience. She spoke of the Center’s many activities and social connections that are available to the Seniors in the community. Upon arrival at the Center, I noticed the cleanliness and spacious surroundings inside, which seem to accommodate those who were present. There were many people who appeared to have been enjoying the activity that they were involved in at that time. The staff was friendly and helpful. Linda spent time explaining the Book Club and what it means to those who participate. She also took the time to look through some of my forty-four God-inspired published books. In the past, my mother would come to this Center to have her taxes taken care of. From observance and other feedback, the Southwest Senior Center has a lot to offer the seniors in the community. I am very interested in sharing my literary work with this Center in the near future.

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